Imperial College professor Stefan Grimm ‘was given grant income target’ | News | Times Higher Education

This is not a university anymore but a business with very few up in the hierarchy.

Imperial College professor Stefan Grimm ‘was given grant income target’ | News | Times Higher Education.

Read more on the background of this story at the blog by David Colquhoun, emeritus professor of pharmacology at University College London.

One thought on “Imperial College professor Stefan Grimm ‘was given grant income target’ | News | Times Higher Education

  1. Matthew Glyn says:

    I did not know Stephan but don’t just blame the management of Imperial. Some academics are at it too, for example Prof Martin Wilkins. In such an insecure environment with its arrogance and deviousness, those who succeed most often take competitiveness to an extreme. They will use whatever devious , dishonest and undermining practices they can to bolster their own positions. It is pervasive and in this case it is more prominent because of its consequence for a senior Imperial college employee. But make no mistake; this type of criminal thinking occurs in the lower echelons as well. If a Principal Investigator (PI) has his own funding, senior and not-so-senior academics will promise facilities, space and equipment to attract the money (and the PI). Contributions to the project gran’s content will be offered but will turn out to be a Trojan horse. Letters of support will be sent to the funding charity to deceive that organization too; in fact some of the staff may well be strongly connected with the charity. Once the offer has been accepted and there is a need to take up these offers of support and facilities, the postdoc will find that they are mostly out of reach because their use is dominated by those with influence in higher places. The PI will find charges being made to his grant that he does not recognize and on complaining will be told how difficult life may become if these complaints persist. The collaborator on the project will be appointed the postdocs line manager, making the PI’s role redundant. When things go wrong because funding is diverted to other projects, senior staff will point a finger at the PI which will result in the demise of his career. But who cares; no one at Imperial, it’s merely competition you know.

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