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TU Munich cancels subscriptions to Elsevier journals

[from: http://www.ma.tum.de/Mathematik/BibliothekElsevier%5D

Elsevier-Zeitschriften, 2.5.2012

Aufgrund unzumutbarer Kosten und Bezugsbedingungen hat das Direktorium des Zentrums Mathematik beschlossen, alle abonnierten Elsevier-Zeitschriften ab 2013 abzubestellen.

Because of unsustainable subscription prices and conditions, the board of directors of the mathematics department has voted to cancel all of its subscriptions to Elsevier journals by 2013.


The Cost of Knowledge: Elsevier drops support for the Research Works Act

The media echo of protesting researchers (“Cost of Knowledge”) eventually led to a phenomenal success: after Elsevier dropped its support for the Research Works Act, the bill’s co-sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives declared the legislation dead.

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